Magical Beast

Magical beasts are wild animals or beasts in SYWZ world. They divide with rank and can be tame to be a knight's mount.

A talented knight can have a Magical Beast from Knights’ Sacred Mountain if they have passed Genuine Knight Step (3rd step) before age of twenty.

Magical beast can be divide to 4 rank each step. elementary (low/basic), intermediate (mid), high and peak. Magical beast evolution generally only for magical beasts above the fifth step. A Magical beast strength is equal human that to one step below.

Rose Unicorn (Lulu) = A young fully rose colored unicorn. This winged horse was of an extremely rare pink color, its body was 2.66 meters (8 chi) long and 2 meters (6 Chi) tall. 

* 5th step of magical beast and peak to 7th step of magical beast.

Vibrant Mountain Bird = A big bird with its whole body colored light yellow. It came out from the golden light, its height was over two and a half meters, its yellow feathers were in exotic circular shapes, and its head was also perfectly round. Its body looks very rough and tough, and there seemed to be a faint earth-element yellow layer of light emanating from it.

* 6th step of magical beast (Earth Element)

Dragon Eagle = Its appearance of a divine enchanting horse; its height of roughly six meters, and its whole body emitting a faint golden light, it was a dragon-headed beast with a body of bird. Its head as well as its tail was covered with long feathers with five different colors.

* 7th step of magical beast (Light Attribute flying beast)

Starlight Unicorns = are among the most commonly known kinds of unicorns. They had a snow white body, gold-colored mane, and a spiral pattern could be seen drawn on the front of their proud faces. Each one of them had a pair of enormous wings, pure-white colored wings with gold-colored feathers at the edge.

* 8th step of magical beast at peak (Light Attribute)

Divine Unicorns

* 9th step of magical beast

Scarlet Shelled Earthworm = This magical beast had a red colored body and was entirely covered by thick scales, Have excessive 6.6 meter (20 feet) long figure on a 5 meter (15 feet) tall. belonging to the inferior-dragon species and couldn’t fly.

* 7th step of magical beast (Fire attribute)

Earthfire Lizard = A little more than a meter tall, with a layer of thin black scales covering its skin. These scales formed an exotic shape somewhat resembling a trapezoid. Two arcs were formed from both sides and linked together, forming a final shape quite similar to that of a tower shield like those used by heavy armored knights.

* 2nd step of magical beast (Darkness attribute)

Dual Headed Earthfire Lizard (Evolved from Earthfire Lizard) - Hao Yue [detail]
* 4th step of magical beast (Dual attribute - Light & Fire attribute)
* Also known as Austin Griffin in his world.
* Evolve to three heads and become 6th step of magical beast (New head attribute is Wind)
* Head Position, Fire - Light - Wind

Spiritual Snow Horse = it’s greatest feature was its speed; it could run at a flying speed and in addition, possessed two innate skills of the ice attribute. Among magical beasts of the fourth step, it was one of quite a high level.
* 4th step magical beast

Austere Frost Bear = It was roughly 1.5 meters tall and looked small and cute. Judging by its appearance, it was a beast that was approximately at the middle-rank of the fourth step.
* 6th step magical beast after mature.

Golden Horned Mammoth =  Large body that exceeded 6.5 meters, a height that exceeded 10 meters, and four sturdy limbs, it resembled a massive pillar. Long hair of a pressed red color hung down, two buckteeth protruded from its mouth, but the most amazing thing was that a golden red horn was coming out from its head.

* 8th step magical beast after mature. [Light and Fire Attribute]


LULU - Rose Unicorn (6th Step) - belong to Li Xin
[Multiple Images Attack] - Attack skill from Rose Unicorn


[Breaking Charge] - attack skill


[Ice Mist] - reduced the speed of the opponent and impacted his offensive capabilities